Welcome Mission In Health Care and Developement

Mission in Healthcare and Development (M.H.C.D) is a community based organization (in Kenya), based in Bun-goma District, Western part of Kenya. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C), it is an NGO based in Bukavu Town and Uvira, Sud Kivu Province and Lubum-bashi, Katanga Province.

It was founded by Missionary Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu on 12th January, 2005.


To see the Bungoma District, Kenya and Bukavu-Uvira Sud-Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo is reduced of poverty and the most dangerous chronic diseases that has claimed many lives, thus many orphans.


To reach out to the disadvantaged children like orphans. to engage in activities  like helping children and youth groups in their spiritual, social and economic growth. To contribute toward the empowerment of the living standards of women, youths and orphaned children through education (training) and material support.

  1. To fight against chronic and hereditary diseases like cancer, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, asthma, etc that cause poverty in our villages through treatment with natural medicine and food therapy taking care of the sick sensitization and information.
  2. To fight against poverty amongst youth, orphans, children and the unemployed in Africa especially Bungoma, Kenya and Bu-kavu-Uvira DR-Congo. We v train them on hard work and how to become self-employed in order to eradicate Poverty.
  3. To educate the traditional birth attendants and to give them new medical knowledge.
  4. To reduce the incidence of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality: to work alongside traditional midwives in Bungoma, Kenya and Bukavu-uvira DR Congo to reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality through engagement in mutually reciprocal education and the provision of information regarding best evidence-based midwifery practice.Reduction of the incidence and poverty in women and their children, especially those who are widows (Kenya) and D.R.C CONGO