Uvira District is located in South Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, its the only district in D.R Congo that neighbors four countries which are Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia through lake Tanganyika. Uvira District enjoys peace and security and at the moment MHCD receives a lot of visitors from USA, Holland, Australia, Canada, Kenya and other countries who visit and are happy to stay with us.

Some of the Developed Countries issue travel advisories against Dr. Congo but there is security and peace away from the troubles of reported on the Media. We know where it insecure and we also advise our visitors on places where venture.

In Uvira District you will find Lake tanganyika which is one of the beautiful lakes in Africa, Mitumba Chain of Mountains which is the longest chain in Africa, Ruzizi Valley and MHCD Activities, we have many other sites and sceneries that you can visit and enjoy. Please feel free to come and visit Uvira.

About Security Issues

We welcome all volunteers who wish to volunteer their skills and work with MHCD in Democratic Republic of Congo. Where we work and conduct our programmes is secure infact 80% of D.R.Congo is secure. there are afew places where there is insecurities but they are very far from cities , major towns and villages. So dont worry about security issues because where we are working is secure.

Types of Volunteers

Everybody can voluteer with MHCD, medical doctors ,nurses, midwives, teachers, social workers, engineers, agriculturists, IT professionals; administrators, construction workers, psychologists and many more.

We have different activities and programmes that will engage everybody. So please come and volunteer with us. 

Scenes of Uvira

Kalundu-Uvira Port

Pictures of Lake Tanganyika

Mitumba Chain of mountains

Uvira Main Road

Some of the living and self contained bedrooms of our guest house. 

After the volunteer work at MHCD, volunteers and visitors can have fun with Gorillas at the nearby Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Lake Kivu is located 60kms from MHCD Headquaters where volunteers and visitors can have boatrides.

For more information write to:

Dr Luc Mulimbalimba

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