M.H.C.D has a department called save the orphan and street children. At this department, we are providing free education, medical care and sometimes food to orphans and street children. In Africa especially in D.R. Congo and Kenya, education is very expensive. In order to prepare a good future for these children, we opened schools. In those schools, we teach them physical, moral and Christian education. We thank God because we have been able to train more than700 children both in D.R. Congo and Kenya and many of them are now joining governmental primary schools and are they are performing well.

Most of the children when we met them were suffering from malnutrition, wounds, ringworms and jiggers like at Milo village, but right now all of them are in good health and they are fairing on well. For those who fall sick, we do provide free medical care and sometimes cloths.

In D.R. Congo, we have the following schools:

1.      Kahororo primary school

2.      Dietsch Academy (Sange Nursery School)

3.      Green grove school which is in Bukavu.

4.      There are other street and orphaned children whom we have admitted in government schools and we are paying school fees for them.

In Kenya, we have the following schools:

1.      Joanne Naswa Academy Kanduyi

2.      Joanne Naswa Academy Milo

For those in primary school like in Kahororo village, we provide to them all school equipment and material. All staffs who are teaching in all these schools are paid by M.H.C.D. They are volunteers but what we do offer them are tokens to help them fend for their families. We thank so much brother Nathan Dietsch who is helping us to pay teachers salary and rent in Sange especially in Joanne Naswa Academy in Kenya and Dietsch Academy in D.R. Congo. We also thank Hilda who is assisting us to pay for teachers’ salary for Kahororo Primary School in D.R. Congo.


We have the following enrollment of pupils in our schools:

1.      Kahororo Primary School                                           260 pupils with four classes (1,2,3 and 4), 5 staffs (4 teachers and headmaster)

2.      Dietsch Academy (Sange Nursery School)                240 pupils with two classrooms (pre-nursery and nursery), 4 staffs (2 teachers, headmaster and medical officer)

3.      Joanne Naswa Academy Kanduyi and Milo              94 pupils with four classrooms (2 pre-nursery and 2 nursery in Kanduyi villge and extension of Milo village), 6 staffs (4 teachers, headmistress and medical officer)

Joanne Naswa Academy Bungoma Kenya

Dietsch Academy (Sange Nursery School) D.R. Congo