Luvungi MHCD Hospital started being operational 4 years ago. It was focusing so much on the health of children and women. They make up 80% of the total number of patients. We also receive many adult patients suffering from chronic diseases and other diseases that require operations. Among the cases we received on a daily basis are prostate,Gynaecological disorders like fibroids,myome,fistula,ovarian kyst,hernie,appendicectomy ,eye problems, dental problems,cleftlip,orthopaedic problems and heart diseases etc.Treating all these diseases need a specialist in each of the fields. The main challenge we face is that at The MHCD Luvungi Hospital, all the doctors are general practitioners. They carry out normal operations like caesarian and appendicectomy but the other operations are usually reffered.Since in the whole of Uvira District there are no specialists in the domains, the patients have to cross to the nearby Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi, Nairobi Kenya, Kigali Rwanda or Bukavu to receive the medical care they need. Those who have finances are the ones able to go but the poor go back to their homes due to the inability to cater for transport and medical care charges. When they go back to their homes, most of them die and some have to endure the suffering of which until this time am writing this newsletter there are those who are at their various homes and very sick. The patients at their homes are suffering so much. They cry day in day out due to the pains they have to endure. Some think that it’s because of witchcraft when they see the suffering beyond explanations their people have to go through and for some they do not have good relations with their neighbours.

Children waiting for operation at MHCD Luvungi Hospital

Because the sickness and the diseases have crippled them, they cannot go to tend to their farms hence the family is not able to get enough food to even feed the children leading to higher malnutrition rates. Some of the children do not go to school due to lack of school fees giving birth to the major problem of street children. Women have to shoulder donkey work and carry loads of luggage’s to make ends meet. The diseases therefore bring with them poverty, severe suffering and to another extent separation in families.

In looking for a way to help this dear group of people, MHCD Mission in Health Care and Development has started a medical campaign titled Liberty Surgical campaign so as to help them. We picked on the word liberty since the patients are not free to do anything, it’s like their hands are tied so we believe that through the operation they will be free and able to work and be harmoniously together with their families. Like those suffering from cataracts and brings them partial blindness, through operations they can get back their sight and go back to their work, prostate surgery in Bukavu is almost USD1500 which is like a dream to many poor families in Uvira.Since they are living below a dollar a day, many men succumb to deaths due to lack of money of which if operated on they can be well and then go back to their jobs, because there are no dental surgeons in Uvira that quarks masquerading as dentist normally do the operations but very poorly and this has given rise to so many deaths. All this problems made MHCD contact medical doctors, specialists in various fields of surgery like gynaecology, dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics from Kinshasa, the capital city of DRC.They are also professors’ in Kinshasa University, the biggest University in DRC.They will be carrying out operations at the MHCD Luvungi Hospital for the whole month of July 2015.The Doctors food, accommodation and transport will be covered by MHCD.They shall also be coming with anesthetics and nurses trained to take care of patients in the various fields. The same month will also be a seminar period and practical sessions will also be taught to the MHCD Doctors and nurses on how to deal with some difficult cases. The patients who will be operated on shall receive medicine and nursing care at the Hospital. 

The children after Eye operation at MHCD Luvungi Hospita

We have already registered 420 patients with different problems. We shall be requesting affordable contributions from the able patients and for those who are proved to be extremely poor shall receive free medication and operation.So that this programme may be a success; we saw the cost for each patient will be USD70.This includes consumable materials for theatre, medicine and nursing care. We kindly please request well wishers to help support one or more patients so that we can be able to offer surgery and medication to the already registered group of patients. Your USD70 will save a life of one patient, not only him or her but also the family and community at large. After the operation, we shall take the photo of the patient you have sponsored, the impact its had and then send it to you so that you can see how your contribution helped change lives for the better.

We are also appealing to volunteer Doctors and nurses willing to assist in this campaign to please feel very welcome. You can also assist with medicine; operation equipments or materials or consumable materials.

For more information or support please contact:

Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba

MHCD Director

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TEL:+243 994 931 840