Ruvubu river

Luvungi village is one of the bigger villages in Uvira district. In the 2011 election, it had 30,000 registered voters. In total, if you combine the number of children, old people and young people, Luvungi is likely to have more than 80, 000 inhabitants.

The major problem in Luvungi village is there is no access and availability of electricity. At our M.H.C.D hospital, when we receive women who are in labour at night or those patients who come with major problems that need urgent and immediate surgical attention, it becomes very difficult for us to offer these services as we don't have electricity. Many patients who come to our hospital always come from poor backgrounds with a major intention of receiving either free or cheaper good, proper and quality medical care and services.


DamThose who come at night due to emergency situation, as a result of lack of electricity, this situations makes us to refer them to other private hospital which are very far and far much expensive than us and this discourages most of the patients as they refuse to go due to fear of spending so much money which most of them can't afford and also the distance of the place which is far much from the village thin where we are. To offer a permanent solution to this problem, we have started to construct a micro hydro power station located at Ruvumbu river which is only 900 metres to our hospital. We have already finished the construction of the power house, to dig the tunnels and we have erected poles and done the wiring of the poles from the power house to the hospital We have insufficient funds to purchase the turbines so that we can harness electricity.

We are kindly   please   requesting the well wishers who are reading this report to support us in raising funds to enable us to purchase the turbines. When there is power, we will generate it to over 500 houses who will be paying small amount of money that we will put it back to the epilepsy campaign, buying medicine to treat the epilepsy patients, supporting the epileptic children with free, good and quality educations and organizing mobile clinics in villages where there are no clinics and hospitals.
You contribution to this project will save lives of so many epileptic and vulnerable people. We shall be very happy to receive your support, comments and views. We are ready to receive any volunteers who are ready to work with M.H.C.D. You are very much welcomed and you will enjoy and love working with us.


Water Turbine

Public light in Luvungi village

Electricity production in power house.