Receive greetings from MHCD,Mission in Health Care and Development,Bukavu,Uvira in Democratic republic of Congo.MHCD is a non-governmental organisation whose main objectives are to fight against chronic and hereditary diseases and reducing poverty in Democratic Republic of Congo.
It is now one year since MHCD started activities of sensitizing communities on Epilepsy.We realized that epilepsy is one of the killer diseases especially in Uvira district when we were organising mobile clinics ,we received many patients suffering from epilepsy but when

we tell them that it is epilepsy ,they refuse.This prompted us to carry out more research and find out why the sick could not accept that they are suffering from the disease. We were told the following;
1 .Most of the people believe that epilepsy is not is just some bad omen from the evil spirit and withchcraft.
2.Again    a good percentage have the belief that it is a curse,hence any one having it is cursed.This makes many of those suffering from Epilepsy completely refuse that they have the disease.
3.They    believe that the epilepsy can neither be managed or treated.They believe that the only medicines for the epilepsy is withcraft or prayers for those who believe in God.
This made MHCD start a programme on Impact radio Fm which is a department of communication of MHCD called in Kishwahili TUJUWE KIFAFA which mean KNOWING EPILEPSY.
EPILEPSY more about epilepsy which is usually presented by Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu with the help of medical officers and nurses of MHCD Luvungi Naturopathic Hospital.
The programme goes on air twice per week and is listened to by thousands of the programme.we teach people on how to prevent and treat epilepsy, we show them. That epilepsy is not a curse or witchcraft and that it is just a disease like the other disease and can be managed or treated. We encourage them to come to our hospital to receive treatment. Also we usually give them our mobile clinic programme where they can come and receive treatment. The programme is aired on Impact Radio 93.5 FM Luvungi and Kiliba which is under the department of communication of MHCD.
Those who are very sick are usually transported in the MHCD Ambulance to the Luvungi hospital .At our mobile clinic,epilepsy care is free of charge but for those who are very sick and need proper medical care,we usually charge them some money for medicines only bnecause we do not have any support for epilepsy people but bed and nursing care is free of charge.
Through this programmes, hospital and Impact Radio. We have been very successful in convincing people that epilepsy is just a disease like any other and they have responded positively for treatment but there are still so many people who still believe that epilepsy is a curse or witchcraft and they also need to be reached out to.
We kindly please request well-wishers who can help join hands with us morally, spiritually or financially in the fight against epilepsy here in Uvira district so that we can see if we can reach out to many and change their lives for the better. We are willing to collaborate and work with any organisation or individual with the vision of fighting epilepsy in the world .We are also in need of more information on epilepsy that shall help us in our Radio shows so any organisation with more information on epilepsy is highly welcome.
Attached are photos of epileptic patients, MHCD Luvungi Naturopathic Hospital and Impact
radio studio.
Thank you so much for everything you are doing and may God bless you.
Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu
M.H.C.D. Director.