Dear MHCD Friends,
Receive greetings from MHCD,Mission in Health Care and Development,Luvungi Naturopathic Hospital in Luvungi village,Uvira district,in Democratic Republic of Congo.We are very happy to inform you that.the hospital is progressing on very well and day by day we are receiving very many patients.In our hospital we have 3 main departments namely: Maternity,Pediatric and naturopathic and homeopathic department.We are focusing on treating people suffering from chronic,hereditary and tropical diseases,helping expectant women give birth especially those coming from very poor backgrounds and villages and treating children especially those who cannot afford medical care.Since the beginning of May 2011 ,we have been receiving 40 to 60 patients everyday.! was very very busy treating and consulting the people from 6;00a.m. to 6;00 p.m.

At the maternity wing,we had a surprise this past week.Their is a women named Kidasi who came to the hospital and gave birth to twins.After 2 days passing by without seeing any of her relatives or husband,We began to inquire on her life and what she does.From the information we gathered,she is mentally handicapped,she says there,s just some man who gave her us$1 then made her pregnant and the day she came to give birth,same good Samaritans had met her on the way,she was sitting just besides the road and was in great pain and that is when they considered to bring her to the hospital.Since we learned that she is one of the villagers of Luvungi,! went on Impact Radio Fm of MHCD and announced if there is any relative or anybody who knows about the whereabouts of her relatives to present themselves at the hospital the next day so that we can see the best way for her because for almost 5 days she was being fed by MHCD and also dresses by MHCD.the same to the little born babies.By goodluck the next day the father to Kidasi came and explained that the Monther(his wife) died and he remarried but the women he married are not in good terms with the daugheter.He also confirmed that Kidasi is mentally handicapped and that she has killed other 2 of her babies at separate times by sleeping on them at night.We became so worried and even thought that she might do the same to the newly born babies.The father then said that Kidasi does not go to his home and can just lives likebirds.wherever she finds she sleeps and also eats from the hands of the mercy filled.The father says he is very much warned about the babies and that he was 1 years without setting his eyes on her and never knew where she was.When we researched ,we were told that she was living in some village uphill called Murunga,about 10kms from Luvungi and that is where she was impregnated.
We have not seen anybody or any relative apart from the father.The father says it is very difficult for him to stay with her together with the babies because there is no one to take care of them.After seeing all this and after a long talk with the father,we decided to stay with the is now almost 2 weeks we are giving the babies milk because the mother does not have enough milk to breastfeed them and we are trying to prevent the mother from killing them ,the way she did to the other ones.The main problem we are having is that they need 2 women to be taking care of during the day and another during the night.We need money to purchase milk and pampers for them.Right now they are just sleeping in the pediatric department together with the sick children which is very dangerous because we do not have any other place to put them so we need to build for them a small house where they will be staying.We are really fearing and do not know what the future holds since we are a community hospital,many more of the same kind as Kidesi might be coming so we want to take precaution.We are kindly please requesting well wishes to assist us so that we can see if we can provide proper health and nutrition to the babies.
Thank you so much for everything you are doing for MHCD and may God bless you.Am so grateful to see my vision of providing proper health care in D.R.Congo especially Uvira district coming true.Am so grateful to all of you who supported me morally,spiritually and financially till this hospital has become a reality.
God bless you all and we love you so much.

Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu
M.H.C.D. Director.