This was a very big day in my mission work and development life that I will never forget. I was given a trophy entitled AMANI YETU (our peace), certificate of honour of which I was considered as the best patriotic individual in D.R.0 following the work I did of fighting for the orphaned, vulnerable and street children, raped women and for putting so much effort in alleviating chronic diseases and poverty.

The same day I was given another certificate of excellence that I was picked as the best leader of develop­ment in democratic republic of Congo. The construction of Micro-hydro power, Luvungi Naturopathic hospital and installation of the 3 main communities. Radio stations in Uvira district together with the construction of primary and nursery schools in Kahororo, Sange and Lubarika were considered as being the very best development activities in the whole of Uvira district.

In attendance were the Ministers of Agriculture, work, members of parlia­ment, my father Kahinda Andrea, national and international Radio and TV stations and other family members. For all this activities of development we were lucky to receive a gift of a tractor worth USD 72,000. Our tractor is already in Luvungi at MHCD HeadQuarters and it was a great surprise to my family and I and the entire MHCD staffs. This tractor is a very big gift to us because it will help us in the Agricul­ture department, will be helping plough farms of traditional midwives, raped women and girls, all vulnerable people for free. We just need fuel for the tractor and we shall be helping them for free. For those who are not vulnerable, we shall be charging them some small fee that will help maintain the tractor and other small costs. This is a great advantage and luck for the whole of Luvungi and the surrounding villages since they used to plough using hands farm of over 20 acres but now the tractor will be assisting them and they are so happy about it.

Am so grateful to God for remember­ing me in all the development projects I have done in Kenya and Congo. It has been a very big surprise in my life and one that I had never imagined happen­ing. Thank you God for showing me that you accept the works that am doing and for showing to all people the works and activities I have done and am continuing to do. Am so grate­ful to you too for joining hands with MHCD especially Dr. Elaine and John, Nathan Dietsch, Julie and BKFA, Hilda, Susan Donaldson, Gael Harison, Rhonda and Arthur and all our Austral­ian friends who have sacrificed to support MHCD and help the needy at one time or another.

Though your love and support, to day I have emerged as the best develop­ment leader in the whole of Demo­cratic republic of Congo. I have noth­ing to give back to you but I pray that God may bless you and your country. On my side I will continue to sacrifice for the poor and the needy. Today I have received a national trophy, I will continue to work very hard that I may receive an international one. I believe that through your support, care and love I will reach on this goal some day. The tractor we have is very new and at 0km. when it arrived in Luvungi, all the villagers were in disbelief that it was for MHCD till it remained at the MHCD headquarters for one week. They were so surprised at this befalling fit. Tank you so much for your care, love and support and may God bless you.

photo of our new tractor at the Luvungi hospital MHCD headquarters.