Epilepsy Center For Prevention And Treatment

Dr. Luc educating the community about epilepsy. Epilepsy CampaignThe 1st thing we did is sensitizing the people and educating them. We showed them that epilepsy is not evil spirits, curse or witch craft but a disease like any other disease and has got medicine to support the sick and the patient is able to lead normal life. We carried out sensitization and epilepsy awareness through impact radio, churches, women and men groups, markets, music, posters and we witnessed great successes.

Secondly we started treatment of epilepsy patients hence free treatment. We visited villages, planning and organizing mobile clinics and continued with sensitization. When the people saw us treating patients and the patients progressing so well, not failing as much, the patients working, they believed and accepted that epilepsy can be managed and the patients leads a normal life.

Thirdly we sought out to experiment on the integration of the epilepsy patients and their families. All those patients who had been chased from their homes, after receiving treatment when they became well we return them to their homes. This programme greatly helps us to foster unity, peace and love between families and patients.

MHCD Dental Clinic

It has been realized that cerebral malaria is the main source of epilepsy among children here in D. R. Congo. So we educate parents on how to prevent malaria, having children to sleep in treated mosquito nets and also cleanliness of the house and compound.Dr. Luc and Dr. Freddy educating community on epilepsy and malaria prevention.
We also inform them on the main source of malaria and we advise them to take sick children to hospital immediately they see any of the signs.
We also educate them on how to avoid epilepsy of other ways like avoiding meningitis etc.

Luvungi Hospital under ConstructionWe usually move from village to village treating patients, examining and treating them and sensitizing on epilepsy. Those patients that we find are not very sick, we give them medi¬cine while at home. For those who are very sick, we take them by the ambu¬lance and then hospitalize them at the hospital. They spend as from 1 to 2 weeks, getting treatment and follow ups. When they get well they go back home and the nurses advice the family members on how to receive and take care of the patient.


As I have stated earlier on, we have tried our very best in sensitization and education of many people on epilepsy. We have opened a radio and tv station in Luvungi, Uvira and Kiliba that have greatly contributed in informing and educating people on epilepsy and this media programme has really been a success. Radio and tv impact has also greatly helped us in educating people of our neighboring countries of Rwanda and Burundi on epilepsy.


This programme assists us in support-ing epilepsy patients and their families.Those who have no school fees we pay for them so that they may continue with their education. We also have a micro financing programme that supports the patients and their families to carry out small businesses. We also have agricultural programmes, animal farming and tailoring.

M.H.C.D community teaching in progress