It is now four years that MHCD is involving itself in fighting chronic, hereditary and tropical diseases and to reduce hunger and poverty in Africa especially Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

MHCD has supported raped victims and other vulnerable people in D.R. Congo, orphans and widows in Kenya. We opened Joanne Naswa Academy in Bungoma Kenya which provides free nursery school education to 30 pupils every year. We have opened a primary school in D.R. Congo at Kahororo village which has classes 1 to 4 and gives free education to more that 270 pupils.

We have constructed water pumps which provide purified water to villages as a fight against water borne diseases in Kanduyi Bungoma Kenya and Kahororo Uvira D.R. Congo.

We have distributed ground nut seeds to raped victims in D.R. Congo and rabbits in Kahororo villages in order to fight against hunger and poverty.

MHCD is planning to have a permanent project that will unite many people at one place:

  1. During the coming rainny season, MHCD will launch a campaign of planting indigenous trees and herbs that will be vital in the manufacturing of drugs from natural resources. The project will help cub costs of drugs and improve the environment.
  2. Cassava is the staple food in D.R. Congo. MHCD is planning to plant cassava on a 5 care piece of land to fight poverty and hunger among raped victims in Uvira D.R. Congo.
  3. We want to open a bakery (bread factory) that will be producing 2000 pieces in a day. This project is vital in fighting against hunger as raped women in D.R. Congo will be obtaining breakfast and money from the sales of the bread to develop them. It will also be a micro financing programme project. It will also be vital to traditional midwives in Ruzizi valley, Bafuliru Mountains since there is no bakery in all these places.


In the villages of D.R. Congo there is three main things taht generate money to allviate poverty.

  1. Agriculture
  2. Livestock rearing
  3. Small Busineses

As a way to fight hunger and poverty in Kahororo Village of Uvira district in D.R Congo MHCD  started a project of distributing rabbits to women. Rabbits are animals that are easy to rear and generate money. We distribute two  rabbits (male and Female) each to more than 70 families and these photos are first generation of one of the families we helped. Here they have alredy a profit of 40 USD as one rabbit cost 10 USD. There are many famillies that had generation of between 6 to eight rabbits.


We would like to collaborate and work with all the organization that would be willing to support and work with us in any of these activities.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.