Impact Radio F.M. is a communication department of M.H.C.D. rural and community radio station. It was started by Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba so as to sensitize and mobilize the community on primary health care, peace and reconciliation and to inform the local community of what is going on locally, nationally and internationally.

The main objective of the radio is to fight hunger, reducing poverty, fighting chronic, hereditary and tropical diseases, inform people about peace and reconciliation and to reveal to the community where rapists are/in habit, to give counseling and hope to rape victims.

Luvungi village is one of the villages in Ruzizi village and Bafuliru Mountain which is found in Uvira District. In all these places there was no radio station. People used to listen to Rwandan and Burundian radio stations which most of their programmes were about politics and propaganda and this contributed largely too many youths and men rebelling and forming militia groups.

To bring a solution to all this problems, MHCD saw the need of coming up with a radio station. Impact radio has largely contributed to bringing change and development in Uvira district. Through Impact radio station, many youths who were rebels and militias have now transformed their life’s and they are per taking education in different schools. It has also encouraged the raped women to accept their situation and seek medical attention and now they have been integrated to their families. It has improved agricultural activities through agricultural and farming programmes. Through its programmes, many lost children have been found and united with their families. There are so many activities impact radio has per taken that have brought radical changes in the society.

Before, lost children disappeared for several days and they couldn’t be found easily. With the introduction of Impact Radio F.M., when children do disappear, their parents come to our radio station and we announce. After some time, they are found.

Impact Radio has been an asset in fighting against chronic and hereditary diseases. We have radio programmes that teach the community on how to prevent diseases and it has also helped us in the fight against epilepsy and to inform the community that epilepsy can be managed or treated. During immunizations, Impact Radio is used to inform the communities on where the immunization will be administered and the importance of immunization.

In D.R. Congo especially in Uvira District, people do value the radio so much and in the evenings, you will find a group of people listening to the radio. Whatever is said in the radio is considered with much importance than what is said in other ways as they know that whatever is spoken in the radio is censored by the government and local leaders.